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At an altitude of 450yards, Alter Pedroso is the highest peak of the surrounding area, with superb views overlooking more than 24miles.
A small village that has been forgotten in time and space.
We strongly suggest that you visit the Neolithic stone monument “Anta de Pedroso” located at the foothill, and later indulge in a visit to the XIII Century romantic castle on the top of the hill.

This small village that nowadays belongs to Alter do Chão was until the advent of liberalism the centre of the local government. Only 3 kms (…..miles) away lies the small-town of Alter do Chão, with its famous stud-farm of Alter Real where you will find the “Lusitano” , the Portuguese breed of horse in its natural environment, or watch falconry shows.
Heading towards Portalegre, 8 miles away, we cross Crato, a small town also rich in monuments and living history..



Northern Alentejo
A place where you find peace, nature and history
A place where all your five senses are stimulated

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